The Story of New Tradition

When we first met, Joe was looking for locally-grown apples to press, and Will was looking for a cider maker to use the crop from his estate.  Finding they were almost neighbours with a shared ethos for the traditional and natural, a cider company was born.

We wanted to be true to the heritage of cider making in the Iford valley, which still contains ancient orchards in need of some love and attention
— Will Cartwright-Hignett, owner of Iford Estate & co-founder of Iford Cider

The first pressing was served to high acclaim at Will’s wedding to Marianne in May 2016.  That first batch was born in the orchards adjacent to the internationally renowned Grade 1 listed gardens at Iford which were designed by Harold Peto, who was active at the turn of the 20th Century during the Arts & Crafts period.  Today our small-batch, crafted-with-care approach is redolent of the principles of that movement, focusing on quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Iford Estate stretches from Farleigh Hungerford to Freshford, across the borders of Somerset, Wiltshire and Bath, with small orchards dotted across the historic landscape.  Many of the apples we harvest are from ancient varieties, delicious flavours all but lost in the race for the perfect supermarket apple.  

The annual harvest from the estate’s trees is the corner-stone for our cider production.  Working with partner orchards across Wiltshire and Somerset, we imbue each small batch with just the right balance of Iford's own essence, to ensure our ciders remain uniquely rooted in the terroir in which they were born.

Britannia stands atop the medieval bridge in front of the Manor at the heart of the Iford Estate, the home of Iford Cider.

Britannia stands atop the medieval bridge in front of the Manor at the heart of the Iford Estate, the home of Iford Cider.

our promise

We never use concentrated juice.  Our cider is hand-crafted in small batches and left to ferment long though the winter using nothing but the wild yeasts which exist naturally on the apples.  We do not add factory-grown cultures, and we don't use artificial sweeteners, aromas or flavourings.

Working with nature; hand-crafted with care;
locally grown; imbued with the essence of Iford... and never, ever from concentrate.
— Joe Abbott, cidermaker and co-founder of Iford Cider

This creates an honest flavour, albeit one which relies more heavily on the skill of the cider-maker rather than the marketing team.  We really hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.